Butterfly Gallery



The Nymphalidae is a family of about 5,000 species of butterflies distributed throughout most of the world. These are usually brightly coloured, medium-sized to large butterflies. Most species have a reduced pair of forelegs and many hold their wings flat when resting. The underwings are often dull and in some species look remarkably like dead leaves or are much paler, producing a cryptic effect that helps the butterfly disappear into its surroundings.

Tisophone abeona morrissi (Varied Sword-grass Brown) butterfly



A skipper is a butterfly of the family Hesperiidae. They are named after their quick, darting flight habits. There are more than 3500 recognized species of skippers occurring worldwide. Most are brown and many species look very similar. Skippers have the antennae clubs hooked backward like a crochet hook, while most butterflies in other families have club-like tips to their antennae. Skippers also have generally stockier bodies and larger compound eyes, with stronger wing muscles in the plump thorax and their wings are usually small in proportion to their bodies. When at rest, skippers usually keep their wings angled upwards or spread out and only rarely fold them up completely.

Euschemon rafflesia (Regent Skipper) butterfly



Lycaenids are small- to medium-sized butterflies with a worldwide distribution of about 6000 species. The upperside is often brilliant iridescent blue, purple or green but can be copper coloured while the underside has shades of brown grey or white with complex darker lines and marking. Many of this family of butterflies close their wings when at rest and move their hind wings up and down.

Candalides absimilis (Common Pencil Blue) butterfly