Credits and Acknowledgements

Articles, photographs and paintings

We thank the many members who have contributed articles and images:  Russel Denton (RD), Peter Hendry (PH), Hongming Kan (HMK), Ross Kendall (RK), John Moss (JM), Garry Sankowsky (GS), Todd Burrows (TB) and Helen Schwencke (HS), who have contributed photographs and Lois Hughes whose paintings occur throughout the website.  Peter Hendry and Graham McDonald contributed the Crambid moth information and images.

The 2021 version of the BOIC website has incorporated all the images and information used in the older website.

The Management Committee of the Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club Inc. (BOIC) 2021 wish to thank many people who contributed and helped in many ways to make the new website a reality. Jenny Thynne granted us access to all her photography, which has been used extensively throughout the website, to enhance the pages.  Garry Sankowsky also provided some of his new catalogue of photos for the use of BOIC.

In particular we would like to thank Nahum Szumer from Working Planet Design for his commitment and generous giving of his time, in working with the Committee, to help us create an updated online view of BOIC.

All items are copyright to the authors or to the Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club Inc.

BOIC Management Committee, 2021.


Dragonfly photographed by Jenny Thynne 08
Butterfly photographed by Jenny Thynne 07
Beetles photographed by Jenny Thynne 04
Butterfly photographed by Jenny Thynne 12