How do we do it?

  • We elect a management committee to organise Club activities.
  • Publish our quarterly colour magazine “Metamorphosis Australia”.
  • Have established a network of people growing butterfly host plants
  • Hold information meetings and displays about invertebrates
  • Organise excursions around the theme of invertebrates e.g butterflies, moths, ants, dragonflies, beetles, spiders and others.
  • Promote the conservation of invertebrate habitat
  • promote the keeping of appropriate invertebrates as alternative pets
  • Encourage research into invertebrates
  • Encourage the creation of invertebrate friendly habitats
  • Encourage members to write articles for our quarterly magazine

Planning and organising committee 2023

President: Trevor A Lambkin 0408 643 068
Vice President: David Exton 0419 431 210
Treasurer: Tony Forster
A/Secretary: Dawn Franzmann 0419 786 369
Magazine: Position vacant
Website Manager: Jill Fechner
Committee Member: Vacant
Committee Member: Jon Hartas 0466 970 735