Other Invertebrates

We welcome submissions of images to be added to this gallery. It will always be an ever-evolving gallery and images will be added as they become available. Please submit images to moc.liamg@ciobyraterces. Images must be accompanied by the name of the photographer.

We thank the following members for their contributions: Jenny Thynne, Russel Denton, Aub Podlich, Julie Sarna, Rip Curtis, Bernie Franzmann, Dave Grubb

Order Archeognatha – Bristletails

Image unavailable

Order Thysanura – Silverfish

Image unavailable

Order Ephemeroptera – Mayflies

Image unavailable

Order Odonata – Dragonflies, Damselflies

Order Plecoptera – Stoneflies

Image unavailable

Order Blattodea – Cockroaches

Order Mantodea – Praying Mantids

Order Dermaptera – Earwigs

Order Orthoptera – Grasshoppers, Locusts, Katydids, Crickets

Order Phasmatodea – Stick-Insects

Order Embioptera – Web-spinners

Image unavailable

Order Psocoptera – Booklice, Psocids

Order Phthiraptera – Lice

Image unavailable

Order Hemiptera – Bugs

Order Thysanoptera – Thrips

Image unavailable

Order Neuroptera – Lacewings

Order Coleoptera – Beetles

Order Strepsiptera – Twisted Wings

Image unavailable

Order Mecoptera – Scorpionflies

Order Siphonaptera – Fleas

Image unavailable

Order Diptera – Flies

Order Tricoptera – Caddisflies

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Order Lepidoptera – Moths, Butterflies

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Order Hymenoptera – Wasps, Bees, Ants, Sawflies